About Us

Social Media CIC develops innovative new publications and platforms which meet particular social needs in defined communities.

The company is small and flexible and works with a range of collaborators with whom we can best achieve our objectives. It is an asset-locked, not-for-profit Community Interest Company registered in the UK.

Founding philosophies:
• everybody has the right to have their voice heard
• the skills of journalism must be maintained, but journalism is a collaborative process that anybody can be involved in
• everybody has the right to trade their skills fairly

Access to information is critical to constructive involvement in society. Social Media’s first projects try to fill the information and communication gap in a particularly localised section of a regeneration area in England. With the investment of advertisers and other supporters, we hope to create a lively community publication which will contribute to change.

Project websites:
Local Edition ~ Stoke Sounds ~ Ning community

We are based in Queen Street, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
Where globalisation began (the nice sort, the sort that involved shipping pots, not people).
Visitors are very welcome!

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