Social Media CIC connects a magnificent network of talented people, some of whom are listed here.
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Clare-Marie White
Clare has extensive experience building online and offline projects for different communities. Her main day-job is now as Health project Manager for the WEA and she presents a weekend radio show for

Simon Bamford
Simon is an accomplished photographer working in Stoke and globally. He defined the style of Local Edition with honest, lively portraits of local people and places. He is also co-editor, main photographer and event co-organiser of Stoke Sounds.
Available for freelance work | Skills: photography (news, events, commercial) | Contact: simon @

Steve Dean
Steve is an artist and writer. He co-edits Stoke Sounds, bringing extensive industry experience to his appraisals of local talent.

Rob Pointon
Rob is an up-and-coming artist of incredible versatility and ambition. An award-winning artist who captures landscapes in innovative ways, cartoonist and animator, illustrator and generous fundraiser, recently embarking on a 48-hour portrait marathon that raised thousands of pounds for Meningitis Research

Anthony Munday
Anthony developed a hugely popular sports section for Local Edition, drawing fresh attention to local sports such as pigeon racing, cricket and bowls.

Karen Sayle
Melodie Forrester
Matt Pointon
Fred Hughes
Carolyn Powell
Annette White
Steve White
Famous When Dead
Paine Proffitt

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